I’m an artist, nutritionist, and the creator behind Edible Therapy. I appreciate your interest in this site.

Edible Therapy was born out of a vision to help people make informed decisions about the food they eat. I hope that the information I share with you can have a positive impact, wherever you are along your health journey. Learning how to eat well and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle is often a lifelong journey for many of us.

I have always had a love for trying different kinds of foods, but it wasn’t until more recently that nutrition took more of a forefront role in my life. As I became aware of the suffering that exists in the animal farming industry, I made a commitment that I just could not contribute towards it anymore. I decided that I would not cook with meat anymore, something that I always enjoyed very much and which I was raised eating. I actually used to dislike eating fruits and vegetables before…now my life wouldn’t be the same without them! I began cooking vegetarian food, and later vegan food in my home kitchen, where I had full control over what I put into my food. My studies and research in nutrition continuously reinforced my desire to continue to eat in this way as I learned about the many benefits that come along with a plant-based way of eating.

Today I truly believe in the power of eating a plant-based diet. I barely ever get sick, I feel more upbeat on a day-to-day basis, I have much more energy, and I know what to do to control weight while staying healthy. I not only believe that a plant-based way of eating can reduce suffering on our planet, it also gives us the chance to take control over our bodies and how they age, especially when we practice a positive mindset.

I want to share with you the knowledge that I’ve learned so you can explore the plant-based whole food way of eating and decide for yourself if it is something that could work for you, and those around you. You are the driver in your life and I work to give you tools that you can pick and choose from. Whether you are looking for more recipes, or to explore a whole new way of eating, I’m here to support you. I believe that any diet should be balanced so that it does not feel depriving but actually satisfying and delicious. Food is meant to be enjoyable and an avenue to reach our greatest selves.

To your success!

Shaai Sattar
Creator of Edible Therapy